Buy a used car with Electronic Stability Control: RACQ

Research in Victoria revealed more than 40 people could have been saved on the State’s roads, if their vehicles had correctly working ESC installed. It also found ESC prevented crashes by 28 percent.

ESC systems controlled understeer and oversteer by sensing the vehicle’s attitude and altered engine power and braking.

RACQ’s Principle Technical Researcher Russell Manning said there was a reason the technology existed in all new cars in Australia.

“It’s fair to say ESC is a life-saver. Mercedes-Benz introduced ESC in 1999 and found that it reduced driver error related crashes by 42 percent,” Mr Manning said.

“It’s now mandatory all Australian passenger cars are fitted with the technology but plenty of older vehicles will not have this safety feature as standard.

“More than 100 people have lost their lives on Queensland roads this year, so to provide an added element of safety, choose a car that has ESC.”

More information on Stability Control Systems, and ESC in particular, can be found on the RACQ website.