Big love for tiny school: RACQ

RACQ’s Community and Education team made history when it visited its smallest ever school.

The team travelled to Milman State School, 37kms outside of Rockhampton, to deliver RACQ’s Streets Ahead program to a school of four students.

RACQ Education Officer Jo Terry said they were proud to be able to visit schools of all sizes and teach them about the importance of road safety.

“It’s important children don’t miss out on potentially life-saving lessons just because they might live in an area that’s more remote or attend a school with fewer pupils,” Ms Terry said.

“The school staff were incredibly grateful we spent the day with them and spoke of the great rapport our team had with the kids.”


Ms Terry said RACQ’s Streets Ahead program was designed to give children their first lessons in how to be safe in and around cars.

“We use practical, real-life scenarios to teach little ones how to be safe pedestrians and passengers,” she said.

“By tailoring our presentations to different age groups, we can educate children about the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling, different road rules and how to cross the road.”