Safe drivers rewarded under driver licence discount proposal

RACQ has welcomed a plan by the State Opposition to give driver licence discounts to motorists who play it safe behind the wheel.

The Courier Mail reported a LNP State Government would make it cheaper for those doing the right thing, giving a 10 year licence for the cost of a five year licence. 

RACQ’s Renee Smith said the Club supported the decision to reward to those motorists who had not clocked up demerit points in the past decade.

“It’s nice to have some carrot to go with the stick. Motorists are penalised for doing the wrong thing,  but not often rewarded for doing the right thing,” Ms Smith said.

“Anything that makes motorists think twice before doing something stupid on the road is positive.

“The main reward for doing the right thing is of course staying safe, however this proposed financial discount would be an added incentive.

“So often Queenslanders are slugged with some of the highest costs to own and operate a car in the country, so any saving is welcome news.”