If it’s flooded forget it

The State’s peak motoring body has issued a fresh warning to motorists in north Queensland not to enter flooded roads, as Tropical Cyclone Debbie threatens the region.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said as Tropical Cyclone Debbie intensifies, so will the heavy rainfall, flash flooding and strong winds.

“Far too often we see motorists taking risks and driving through floodwaters, these acts of stupidity risk not only the motorist’s life, but the lives of emergency services who must come and rescue them,” Ms Smith said.

“The weather bureau has predicted rainfall up to 400mm in some coastal areas.”

Ms Smith urged motorists to avoid getting behind the wheel if possible, with weather conditions too dangerous to drive.

“The wind alone could push cars off roads, that much torrential rain would basically be blinding. These conditions are not safe for people to be in, let alone be driving in.”

Ms Smith said following the cyclone, flooded roads could take hours and even days to recede.

“Emergency services will be inundated with calls for help due to TC Debbie. Police have already warned they may not be able to get to some people’s calls for help during the storm. We can’t stress this enough – if it’s flooded, just forget it.”