Toowoomba toll prices must be released: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has called on the State Government to stop leaving motorists in the dark about when Toowoomba’s Second Range Crossing would be complete and how much they would be stung in tolls.

WIN News Toowoomba reported the project, due to be open in mid-2019, had been delayed due to geotechnical issues, and there was no confirmation from the State Government when the new highway would open to traffic.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the community had a right to know the road’s tolling regime.

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“We’ve all known the Second Range Crossing will be tolled but with continued delays on the project, ample time has passed for all those involved to crunch the numbers and calculate the cost to drivers. There’s just no excuse,” Ms Hunter said.

“Transport already consumes a large chunk of Queensland budgets and families, truckies and businesses who’ll rely on the Crossing need to factor these new toll charges in.

“We’ll keep pushing for answers from the State Government. We’ve lobbied long and hard on the issues with this project in the past, and we’re not about to give up now.”