Duplication of Bruce Highway will save lives: RACQ

RACQ has welcomed a plan to upgrade the entire stretch of the Bruce Highway as it would minimise flood and incident closures, improve freight and congestion, and save lives.

The Courier Mail reported the Liberal National Party would today unveil a $33 billion plan to build four lanes for the Bruce Highway between Cairns and Curra over the next 15 years.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Bruce Highway was the transport spine of Queensland, serving a population of more than 1.2 million people.

“Drivers who use the highway everyday tell us upgrading the road is their number one priority,” Mr Turner said.

“The Bruce Highway is cut by flood waters numerous times year, which is not only inconvenient for locals, but also damages the transport network, halts freight and impacts productivity.

“The $10 billion Bruce Highway Upgrade Program has so far proved dedicated and committed funds can make a massive difference to safety, with a 40 percent reduction in deaths on the highway.

“This plan of upgrading the Bruce Highway to four lanes will also have national benefits because it’s the main transport infrastructure for Queensland. Duplication would mean you could drive from Cairns to Melbourne on a dual carriageway, just like the Hume and Pacific Highways, which are either already duplicated or almost complete.”

Mr Turner said the State Government had also launched the Bruce Highway Trust Advisory Council to develop a strategy and action plans for the highway.

“Millions of Queenslanders rely on the Bruce Highway so it needs to be safe, efficient and accessible for all road users, whether that be for local traffic, tourism or freight,” he said.

“These announcements show funding this vital road is a key election issue. Now we need the commitment of the Federal Government to its 80 percent share over the next 15 years to make it happen.”

View RACQ’s Transport Priorities for Queensland here.