Child seat with inbuilt airbag launched

A company in the United Kingdom has promised to revolutionise the child car seat industry, after it launched a child seat with a built-in airbag.

The airbag, by manufacturer Maxi-Cosi, inflated in 0.05 seconds and research showed it reduced the forces on a child’s neck by 55 percent.

The bag, which was built into the straps of the seat, would be different from conventional airbags as it inflated using compressed air instead of a small detonation.

RACQ’s Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the Club cautiously welcomed the news, but said more testing should be carried out.

“Safety innovations are always welcome and child restraint safety is a critical aspect of a vehicle’s overall level of safety, Mr Spalding said.

“Child restraints in Australia must meet rigorous safety requirements so any new innovation must be properly tested to make sure it does provide the safety benefits, and doesn’t result in any other safety issues.

“Ultimately, parents must always choose the safest child restraint they can afford and ensure it is fitted and used correctly.”