Central, north Queenslanders urged to prepare for severe storm

With thunderstorms predicted for parts of central and north Queensland, RACQ has urged locals to secure any loose items and move their vehicle undercover.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasted showers and possible storms for the North Tropical Coast and Tablelands, Herbert and Lower Burdekin, and Central Coast and Whitsundays districts on Friday, which were expected to continue on the weekend.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the summer storm season had well and truly begun and Queenslanders needed to be prepared. 

“If you have any loose items in your yard, like trampolines or outdoor seating, or your car is parked on the street, now is the time to prepare and get it secured,” Ms Ross said.

“Loose items can turn into projectiles and go flying into your property or your neighbours, and that can cause major damage to your home.”

Ms Ross also reminded drivers about the dangers of driving during a storm. 

“Parking your car under cover as soon as you know a storm’s on the radar is your best bet, but if you do get caught out driving in a storm, there are a few things to remember,” she said. 

“Most importantly, if it’s flooded, forget it. Never risk drive through flood waters – you just don’t know what’s underneath the surface. And if you suspect your car has been submerged in water, don’t start the engine because it could do a lot of damage.

“If your car or home is damaged, make sure you take plenty of photos and contact your insurer as soon as possible to lodge a claim.”