Want to know your Uber rating? It just got easier to find

Whilst Uber driver always had easy access to view passengers’ ratings, it’s been tedious for riders to know exactly what drivers think of them.

Previously, users had to navigate through a series of menus to see how drivers scored them, but with the new update riders can now see their rating right under their name in the app.

Product managers Mike Truong and Ronak Trivedi said in a statement, ratings are a two-way street at Uber, and the 5-star rating system helps to create a positive experience for everyone.

“Drivers do their best to make Uber enjoyable and safe for their riders, and we expect that riders do the same for drivers,” they said.

“To give riders more visibility into how drivers are rating them, we’re making rider ratings much more accessible in the app.”

In other words, you can no longer shy away from your Uber rating.