Don't lose your load on the road

RACQ has warned motorists to secure their loads properly to protect the safety of other motorists or risk hefty fines.

Nine News Queensland reported there had been 140 incidents of lost loads in Brisbane tunnels and motorways in April, which was on average five lost loads per day, up from four per day in previous months.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said with more people doing odd jobs around the home, it was a timely reminder to always make sure your load was stable when travelling.

“If you’re driving on a highway, that’s when things can become incredibly dangerous. If something falls off at high speed, it becomes a projectile,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Debris could fly off the back of a ute or trailer and obstruct the vision of motorists travelling behind you. A load falling off could be fatal.

“Always make sure you’re not carrying more than the maximum weight your vehicle can handle and use ropes, straps, nets and tarps to keep everything strapped down. All loads must have restraints suitable to the items being carried.

“If you’re load is too heavy, you can be fined $266.”

More information on securing your load properly could be found on RACQ’s website.