Government needs to halt on Hyperloop: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has urged the Federal Government to focus on funding current transport priorities before it considered a proposal for a magnetic levitation train which would connect capital cities.

The Courier Mail reported a proposal for a Hyperloop project was contained in one of several submissions to a Government inquiry which had investigated future transport opportunities. It claimed a Hyperloop trip between Brisbane and Sydney would take just 37 minutes.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said while the futuristic proposal would offer fast connections between some Australian capital cities, current issues needed to be the priority for governments.

“Queenslanders are suffering every day with poor quality public transport systems and unresolved road safety issues,” Dr Michael said.

“Our State and Federal Governments need to prioritise more frequent and reliable services within cities, delivering affordable and flexible public transport to regional communities, and undertaking safety and congestion upgrades on national, State and local roads.”

Dr Michael said the Club also questioned the suitability of the proposed system.

“This will be extremely expensive to build and will likely be funded by end-users through expensive fares or be subsidised by the taxpayer,” she said.

“It’ll also be difficult to maintain due to the large distances between stops compared to locations in Europe where this system is much better suited.

“While we should always be looking to technology to develop transport solutions in a large and widespread area like Queensland, fast rail would offer better integrated connections between our intra-state regional centres.”