Petrol prices hiking, goodbye cheap fuel: RACQ

RACQ has warned drivers in the south east to fill the tank now, as fuel companies have started to hike prices to a new high of 119.9 cents per litre (cpl).

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the hike was initiated by Coles Express on Tuesday afternoon and by midday on Wednesday 30 sites across Brisbane had already jacked up their prices.

“It’s disappointing for motorists that fuel prices are on the rise again, especially when we know oil prices are still low but sadly this is part of the price cycle we are subjected to in south east Queensland,” Ms Smith said. 

“While this hike isn’t as high as some we’ve seen in recent times, this new price still returns an indicative retail margin of 35.6cpl. 

“While the majority of retailers across Brisbane are still selling for under 90cpl, we know when prices start to hike cheap fuel won’t last for long.”

Ms Smith said those who were going to travel by car over the long weekend, given the eased stay-at-home restrictions,  should buy now and aim to pay no more 90cpl.

“If you are travelling further from home in coming days, there’s still plenty of bargains to be had, with a United at Virginia selling unleaded for 79.9cpl,” she said.

“Make sure you’re jumping on the apps and websites available, like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder, to locate the best price in your area.”

The average price of unleaded in Brisbane is 88.5cpl, on the Gold Coast 85.2cpl, and on the Sunshine Coast its 94cpl.