Simple home security steps to reduce robberies

RACQ has urged Queenslanders to review their home security to reduce the risk of their properties being robbed.

It came as the Queensland Police Service (QPS) encouraged residents to apply some simple measures around the house to significantly enhance their level of security.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the key to reducing the risk of properties being ransacked was to make them as unattractive to thieves as possible.

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“It’s a terrible feeling to find you’ve been robbed but it’s something that can also be easily prevented. Thieves are opportunistic so it’s important to reduce the temptation for them to try break and enter,” Ms Ross said.

“Ensure your doors and windows are locked and fitted with quality deadlocks and consider installing sensor lighting and security screens. It’s also vital laptops, jewellery, cash and other valuables are stored in a safe place out of sight.

“You also need to think about what might be lying around in your front or backyards too. Even wheelie bins underneath a window can entice an intruder to climb inside.”

More information and a full list of suggested security improvements could be found on the QPS website.