Go slow for the safety of roadworkers

RACQ has reminded motorists to slow down and pay particular attention when driving through roadworks, as thousands of people hit the road during school holidays.

Mirage News reported there was a $23 billion pipeline of road and transport projects currently underway in Queensland from Cairns to Brisbane, supporting 21,500 workers on the roadside.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said slower speeds at roadworks were essential for the safety of all.

“For roadworkers, the speed at which motorists pass by can mean the difference between life and death, if they’re struck,” Mr Spalding said.

“The higher the speed of crash, the more risk there is of a fatal outcome. If a roadworker is hit by a vehicle travelling at 80km/hour, rather than the typical 40km/h speed limit their chance of survival goes from around 50% to nil.

“We’re pleading with motorists to respect the safety of roadworkers and stick to slower speed limits during the school holidays, and every day – we want everyone to make it home safely.”

Mr Spalding said slower speeds at roadworks also allowed time for motorists to safely make their way through any changed traffic conditions.

“On large upgrades, exits and the way in which traffic flows can change, it can be confusing for drivers, so a slower speed is helpful in navigating the conditions, while also protecting the lives of others,” he said.

“Lanes can also be narrowed, heavy equipment is moving around and temporary surfaces can be put in place, which is just another reason to stick to the slower speed limits.”