Cat’s eyes – what are they and why are they used?

You’ve more than likely spotted cat’s eyes on the road, but have you ever stopped to wonder why they are there and what the colours mean?

Cat’s eyes are used to support painted lines and chevrons to help improve road line visibility. They offer excellent guidance at night and during wet weather by sitting above the surface of the road and reflecting a vehicle’s headlights.

Many people may not know there are five different colours of cat’s eyes, technically known as raised retroreflective pavement markers (known as RRPMs) and each have a specific purpose and meaning.

Red Cat’s Eyes 

To supplement the edge line on the left shoulder of motorways and two-way roads.

Blue Cat’s Eyes

Usually used to identify fire hydrants or water supply.

White Cat’s Eyes

They are used to indicate lane line markings.

Yellow Cat’s Eyes

Used to supplement the dividing/separation line. Drivers should always travel to the left of yellow RRPMs.

Green Cat’s Eyes

These are used to supplement the edge line at a freeway exit ramp.