Safer cycling a win for the south east: RACQ

RACQ has welcomed Brisbane City Council’s 12 month trial of separated bike lanes through Brisbane’s CBD.

The Brisbane Times reported the separated bike lanes would run the full length of Elizabeth Street and Edward Street to Alice Street, where one lane would meet the future Kangaroo Point Green Bridge. Another separated lane would run up Albert Street from Alice Street, to the Cross River Rail station.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said a safe cycle network was one of the Club’s main active transport priorities for south east Queensland ahead of the State Election.


“We’re supportive of the CityLink Cycleway trial, as it will provide safe, separated and connected cycling routes through the CBD,” Dr Michael said.


“Better links with existing or proposed bridges and bikeways will help encourage further cycling uptake in Brisbane.


“The trial will also enable Council to monitor traffic flow, bus impacts, local business requirements and the use of the cycleway, to determine positive and negative impacts and any further changes that may be needed.”

Dr Michael said RACQ’s Active Transport Report found 23 cyclists were seriously injured in the Brisbane CBD area between 2014 and 2018.

“Introducing on-road or segregated cycle ways is critical when it comes to reducing future fatal and serious injuries for cyclists on our city streets,” she said.

“During coronavirus we saw a shift to active transport, including cycling. With the right infrastructure, active transport could become more popular and a safe alternative to driving and will help bust congestion in the CBD and Brisbane.”