Takata airbags 'like driving a bomb': RACQ

Motorists who continued to drive cars with dangerous Takata airbags have been urged by RACQ to have them replaced or risk killing themselves or others after it was revealed thousands of the dangerous vehicles were still on the road.

Courier Mail reported 6000 cars with what the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) deemed as ‘critical’ airbags were still being driven, while 26 Queensland motorists had their registrations cancelled for failing to comply with the recall. 

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said it was critical owners had their dangerous airbags replaced by their manufacturer. 

“Make no mistake, these airbags are deadly and could go off any moment causing death or serious injury to you or anyone else in your car,” Ms Hunter said. 

“Sticking your head in the sand about the Takata recall is like driving a bomb.  

“If the threat of having them mis-deploy isn’t enough, registrations of cars where owners have ignored airbag recall are also being cancelled.

“Owners don’t have to pay for their replacement, so there’s really no excuse.” 

Ms Hunter encouraged Queenslanders concerned about their airbags to check online to see if their car was at risk.

“While owners with the deadliest airbags should have been contacted by manufacturers by now, it is very easy to check for yourself if you’re worried you’ve been missed,” she said.

“The next stage of the recall will be focusing on owners with the non-critical airbags, so a quick check will inform you of what to expect and get the ball rolling on any plans for replacement.”