Storms likely from Darling Downs to Central Highlands

With more unpredictable weather patterns expected from Roma to Moranbah this week, RACQ has reminded locals to think ahead and prepare their properties.

Courier Mail reported severe storms were forecast to bring large hail heavy rain and damaging winds late Monday.

“Preparing for severe weather well before the storm hits is the best way to minimise damage to your property and stay safe,” RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said.

“People in these areas should also talk to family members about what to do if a storm hits and they’re out and about.

“If you’re driving or caught outside, take cover under a solid structure if possible, but DO NOT stop or take cover under a tree, as the branches may fall.

“If you know a storm is coming, it’s best to stay inside until the storm has passed. Avoid car travel if you can and don’t attempt to cross flooded roads,” she said.

Get set for storms with these simple tips:

  • Secure outside items like trampolines, swing sets, dog houses and pot plants
  • Talk to family members about what to do if they are caught outside in a storm and identify safe spots if you can
  • Organise for pets to be in a safe and secure space at home
  • Remember to close windows before you head out to minimise water damage
  • Make a call to your insurance provider to check your cover is current and consider extra items you may have purchased throughout the year.