Roundabouts and indicators – video sparks debate

RACQ has moved to clarify how to use roundabouts correctly after a video posted to the Club’s Facebook page sparked vigorous debate about the correct use of indicators.

The video showed a number of cars about to enter the roundabout and informed watchers those cars must give way to vehicles already on the roundabout. It also depicted the cars indicating at various stages of their manoeuvres.

The post was shared more than 430 times and attracted more than 270 comments.

One user commented “I don’t know how many accidents I’ve nearly been in because a car doesn’t give way.”

While many others debated over the correct use of indicators on roundabouts.

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“It’s got me beat why people put their right blinker on to go straight through, it just confuses everybody,” one user said.

While another offered “every time you leave a roundabout you are exiting to the left, therefore you should indicate left.”

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said indicating often stumped some drivers but maintained the rules were simple.

“Drivers approaching a roundabout must use their indicators when entering, turning left, right or making a u-turn,” Ms Hunter said.

“People sometimes get confused with this but you don’t actually indicate when you’re going straight ahead.

“You must indicate left, however, just before you exit – unless it’s not practical to do so.”

Drivers were encouraged to engage with RACQ’s online quizzes and road rule videos by following the Club’s Facebook page.