Cold weather: Car risk for return of the rats

The State’s peak motoring body has warned as colder weather moved in, rats would seek warmer places to sleep, and under a car bonnet was the ideal habitat.

“With the colder weather arriving it’s a real possibility your car is at risk of damage with rats looking for somewhere to nest,” said RACQ’s Principal Technical Researcher Russell Manning.

“The damage these rodents can do is quite extensive, from gnawing on wiring all the way down to chewing into the windscreen washer system for a drink.”

Mr Manning said rodents did not discriminate when it came to vehicle make or location.

“We want to call on anyone with a vehicle to take some basic steps to help make your car as least attractive as possible,” he said.

“It’s the simple things that can deter them. Make sure there are no food sources near your vehicle such as pet food and bird seed and make sure that pest control around your home and garage is up to date with things like bait stations and rat traps.

“We regularly see this sort of damage and repair costs can easily reach into the thousands. We really don’t want to see people having to dip into their pocket unnecessarily.”

Australia was not the only country to suffer from this problem, Global News reported Vancouver had a very similar problem.