Controversial stunt not the way to improve cycling safety: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has called on the Queensland Government to install separated cycling infrastructure in an effort to improve cycle safety.

It came after The Courier Mail reported a section of the cycling community had planned to stage a controversial “die-in” on Wednesday morning where cyclists would lie on the road next to their bikes on the corner of Vulture and Graham streets.

Brisbane City Councillor Jonathan Sri, who had also organised the protest, told the publication he would call off the event if there was a commitment from local government to reduce speed limits or improve safety on Vulture Street.

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RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the best way to improve road safety was to look at ways to reduce the risk of crashes.

“If we’re really to improve the safety of bike riders and motorists we need a commitment from the State Government for all new roads to have separate bicycle infrastructure installed,” Mr Spalding said.

“However, we also need to recognise separation won’t always be possible on every road and that’s why understanding how to safely share the road is so important.

“No one road user group owns the road and we have to understand how to safely interact with each other so everyone can get to their destination safely.”