Enjoy some long weekend travel but play it safe

RACQ has urged motorists to drive safely this long weekend as travel restrictions put in place due to coronavirus were eased in Queensland.

Club spokesperson Paul Turner said from Saturday, motorists would be able to travel 50 kilometres from home and welcomed news Queensland Police would re-introduce random speed cameras.

“The May long weekend is traditionally very busy on Queensland’s major roads and we often see a spike in crashes and congestion,” Mr Turner said.

“On-road enforcement and speed cameras save lives. Our members have said the most important thing when it comes to moderating behaviour on our roads is a visible police presence so it is good news that they will be back in force this weekend.

“While overall fewer people will be moving around the state due to the travel restrictions still in place, we ask people play it safe.

“Drivers need to understand that roads are going to be busier and the police are going to be out in force. Take it easy and enjoy a little freedom while staying safe.

“Don’t drink and drive, don’t speed and avoid the fatal five. Crashes don’t just happen on long road trips.”

Mr Turner said despite travel restrictions, more lives had been lost on Queensland roads this year compared to last.

“Already this year, 68 people have died on Queensland roads compared to 60 this time last year,” he said.

“This is a devastating statistic and we need to take this opportunity to remind motorists to always put safety first when moving around the State. Every one of those deaths has left a shattered family, and friends.”