4 ways to stop your car from being stolen

Last year almost 1000 members had their cars stolen, with insurance data showing a 30 percent increase in vehicle thefts.

While Logan is officially classified as the theft hot-spot region, location doesn’t necessarily save you from being a target.

There are some simple tips to ensure your car isn’t the next one being nabbed.

  1. Always keep your keys secured

Many vehicles are stolen simply because the keys are left vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

  1. Don’t tempt thieves

Never leave valuables such a mobile phones or laptops visible in your vehicle, tempting passersby.

  1. Wind up your windows when you leave your vehicle

It sounds simple but in Queensland it gets warm and we often have our windows down. Leaving them down is an unnecessary risk.

  1. Be strategic about where you park

If you can’t park your car in a locked garage or secure carpark, park it somewhere well lit and well populated. Cars parked in dark, deserted streets are much more appealing to thieves.