New report reveals shocking city commute times

A new report has found Brisbane drivers had the second longest commute time in the country behind Sydney, prompting a call from the State’s peak motoring body for better infrastructure and public transport options.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said Brisbane drivers spent on average 66 minutes every day making the round trip between home and the office, according to the latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia report.

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“All capital cities across Australia are experiencing a high level of population growth and unfortunately our roads and transport systems just aren’t keeping up,” Dr Michael said.

“It takes much longer to build a road than a house and this misalignment and delay is playing out on our roads with longer commute times, and it’s impacting on everyone’s lifestyle.”

Dr Michael said the Club called on governments to invest in public transport to get people out of their cars and onto other modes.

“Ultimately, we can’t keep building more roads so we need governments to provide other ways for people to get around, easily and affordably,” she said.

“In doing so, we’ll be able to reduce congestion and the excessive commute times it brings so people can spend less time stuck in traffic and more time with their families.”