Ride or drive, we all have a role: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has issued an urgent plea for safer driving around vulnerable road users after it was revealed road crashes involving cyclists had claimed four lives and resulted in 85 injuries since the start of this year.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the sobering statistic drove home the reality that cyclists were more likely to come off second best in a crash.

“We know bicycle riders are vulnerable and will nearly always suffer far greater injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle. The physics of difference doesn’t favour cyclists – and the bigger the vehicle the worse the disparity,” Mr Spalding said.

“Courtesy, sharing and consideration go a long way in helping make travel on the roads safer for riders. As does complying with the road rules – everyone needs to do their bit.”

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Mr Spalding said Queensland Road Safety Week would on Thursday focus on cyclist safety and he reminded road users pointing fingers at one group or another would do nothing to change the sad reality at play on our roads.

“It shouldn’t be about ‘us and them’, or ‘drivers and riders’,” he said.

“Some like to ride, others choose to drive and their reasons for choosing their preferred method of transport shouldn’t have any bearing on the simple necessity of keeping those who’re vulnerable on the road safe.”

Mr Spalding said while the Queensland Police Service statistics revealed a shocking number of deaths already this year, the true cost of road crashes was difficult to articulate.

“Every serious injury or fatality on a Queensland road is a tragedy that impacts a family somewhere, maybe in another town or maybe a neighbour. That family will not grieve because they lost a ‘driver’ or ‘rider’, they’ll grieve because they lost someone close to them.”

Mr Spalding asked Queenslanders to take a moment to think about the safety of all road users before they got behind the wheel, or the handlebars.

“Make today – a day set aside to focus on bicycle rider safety – the start of a change in our attitude to other road users, and a change in the way we coexist on the road.”