The give way rule confusing Qld drivers

After an online quiz stumped hundreds of drivers, RACQ has clarified the rules around giving way at intersections.

An image of three vehicles at an intersection was posted to the RACQ Facebook page and posed the question – “in which order should the vehicles go?”

The post attracted more than 600 comments with many users confused over the correct answer.

Chantal C answered: “A. Green is obvious, blue has next because its continuation is straight and then red as he would be impeding the other car’s thoroughfare.”

Anne M wrote: “Oh my...this is frustrating to read. 😀 The Answer is D. Blue car is at a give way sign, give way rules come into play here. He must give way to the red car. Always give way to your right.”

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie confirmed the correct answer was D - Green, Red, Blue.

“This intersection is a bit of a tricky one, but green goes first as they’re staying on the main road around the bend,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Red is next as both red and blue are facing give way signs, so blue must give way to a vehicle on the right.”

Ms Ritchie said the quiz was a good reminder for motorists to brush up on their road rules.

“We know almost 90 percent of crashes are caused by driver error, so no matter how long you you’ve been behind the wheel, you should regularly review the road rules and participating in our quizzes is a great place to start,” she said.

“If you come across a tricky intersection like the one pictured, don’t rush, pay attention to the line markings and signs and give way correctly.”