Near misses at level crossings prompt warning

RACQ has warned pedestrians and motorists to take safety near level crossings seriously, after new data revealed the number of near-misses on Queensland’s rail network had increased in the last year.

The Courier Mail reported pedestrians and motorists had 127 close calls with trains at level crossings in 2019, up from 120 last year, with the most dangerous crossing locations including Warrigal Road in Fruitgrove, Old Beaudesert Road in Salisbury, Trinder Crossing at Trinder Park, and Stones Road in Sunnybank.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the Club had called for upgrades at a number of level crossings sites in Brisbane, including Warrigal Road.

“We’ve been campaigning for funding for upgrades at level crossings across the region for years,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Our members regularly tell us level crossings are frequently the source of delays and congestion, and upgrading crossings like the one at Warrigal Road will not only significantly improve safety but also free up the bottlenecks.”

Ms Ritchie said despite the need for upgrades all road users needed to take their personal safety seriously. 

“There are warning signs, sounds and flashing lights in place at level crossings for a reason and they shouldn’t be ignored,” she said.

“Trains travel at high speeds and take a long time to stop, so trying to beat one really is dicing with death and also illegal, and it’ll cost you a $1,067 fine and four demerit points if you obstruct a train.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in a car, on a bike or on foot, everyone needs to be patient and wait for the train to pass.”