RACQ welcomes dangerous roads funding

RACQ has welcomed the Federal Government’s funding commitment to fix one of the most dangerous intersections in Queensland.

Courier Mail reported Prime Minister Scott Morrison agreed to fund the $12 million project to fix Nenham and Wecker Roads in Mt Gravatt East, which RACQ had ranked the fifth worst in the State for crashes.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the intersection was notorious, with seven serious crashes and nine casualties over three years, which prompted the Club to call for urgent safety upgrades.

“This intersection poses a dangerous risk for motorists mostly because of the lack of a green turning arrow which allows drivers to turn right safely,” Dr Michael said.

“Widening and adding an extra turn lane would also go a long way to reducing the number of serious crashes.

“It’s especially encouraging to see political differences set aside in the name of road safety with the Federal Labor candidate also pledging to support the project.”

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Dr Michael said the Prime Minister’s pledge of $33 million dollars in funding would also provide for a $6 million upgrade to the intersection at Rickert Rd and Chelsea Rd to keep drivers safe.

“Motorists have repeatedly raised concerns about the state of Rickert Road in our annual Unroadworthy Roads Survey, so we’re pleased to see our lobbying efforts haven’t fallen on deaf ears,” she said.

“These two projects deliver much needed funding to improve the road safety in the area, and heading into this Federal Election we look forward to more life-saving infrastructure investment.”