The one skill learners are most afraid of

Queensland young drivers have confessed reverse parking was the most difficult part of the practical driving test, according to RACQ research.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said nearly 20 percent of young drivers surveyed admitted reverse parking was the hardest manoeuvre to perfect while they were learning.

“It’s not surprising to know learners find reverse parking tough, as it’s a skill many experienced drivers are hesitant about performing,” Ms Ritchie said.

“But it really highlights learners shouldn’t undertake their practical test until they feel comfortable enough with all the skills and manoeuvres being examined.”

Ms Ritchie said parents and supervisors should encourage learners to practice regularly until they felt confident.

“Practice makes perfect and while you are only required to log 100 hours of supervised driving, this is just the minimum,” she said.

“It’s also not a bad idea for parents and supervisors to brush up on their own driving skills before teaching a learner. We can pick up a lot of bad habits over the years.

“If you’re teaching a learner to drive we also recommend downloading our RACQ learn2go app, which helps record log book hours and includes a range of tips for both parents and learners about how to perform different manoeuvres, especially reverse parking.”

The top three hardest driving tasks in the practical licence test for young Queenslanders were:

  • Reverse parking
  • Controlling speed
  • Roundabouts