Drivers urged to take extra care on outback roads

As part of the initiative, police released shocking dashcam footage of a crash on an extremely dusty road between Windorah and Birdsville which occurred during the busy tourist period.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said tourists who drove on unfamiliar, rural routes needed to be aware of the additional risks associated with these roads.

“A road-trip is a great way to see outback Australia, but regional roads can be unforgiving. Often they’re unsealed, dusty, have soft shoulders, are badly pot-holed, corrugated or have sections of loose gravel,” Ms Hunter said.

“Drivers should also be aware they might encounter other hazards like road trains or even stock or wildlife straying onto the roads.”

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Ms Hunter urged motorists to be aware of their surroundings and adjust their driving to suit conditions.

“In dusty conditions and on unsealed roads, it’s crucial you leave a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles, and ensure you keep to the left when other cars approach as often the roads can be narrow,” she said.

“Please remember to slow down as it reduces dust and increases visibility of the road ahead for yourself and other roads users, and can help minimise windscreen stone damage.”