5 ways to make your car battery last longer

If you’ve ever had a flat battery, it’s likely a situation you want to avoid happening again anytime soon.

With these simple tips you can help get more out of your battery and prolong its life:

  1. Maintain battery at full charge

Keeping the battery fully charged will ensure maximum life.  A battery charger may be needed for vehicles that regularly do short trips that don’t allow enough time to fully charge the battery

  1. Keep electrolyte levels topped up:

If you have a maintenance free battery, then this step isn’t required. But if you have a conventional or low maintenance battery, you should check fluid levels regularly

  1. Refit the heat shields

No matter what type of battery you have, make sure any heat shields provided are always refitted

  1. Turn off your lights:

Before leaving your vehicle, be sure your headlights and interior lights are switched off.

  1. Make sure its secure:

The battery must always be secure. A loose battery can be damaged, can damage the vehicle or could cause a fire.

Should your battery fail and a new one is needed, RACQ patrols are just a call away and our 24/7 mobile battery replacement service will get you going again in no time.