Four million cars in Qld prompts call for better roads

There were now more than four million cars on the road in Queensland, a rise of more than 11 percent in five years, prompting a call from the State’s peak motoring body for a safer and more efficient transport network.

The Courier Mail reported 4,134,382 vehicles were registered in the Sunshine State at the end of the 2018-19 financial year, according to the latest census data.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said Queensland’s rapid growth and widespread landscape was likely behind the surge.

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“We’ve seen high levels of growth right across Queensland, so it’s no surprise the number of vehicles on our roads is also on the rise,” Dr Michael said.

“Our regional centres, in particular, are home to smaller populations spread over larger areas, so naturally, people rely heavily on a car to get around.

“These numbers are proof a safe and efficient transport network is needed more than ever. Roads play a key part in this network but it’s critical our public transport isn’t overlooked.

“We want people to have other affordable, accessible and reliable ways to get around and a better public transport system brings many benefits to the broader network by helping ease congestion resulting in improved travel times.”

Dr Michael said the Club would watch how vehicle registrations continued to trend as initiatives that ‘spotify’ car access continued to be launched in Australia.

“Car manufacturers overseas are now starting to offer drivers an option to pay monthly subscriptions to access a range of vehicles instead of owning their own,” she said.

“We’re interested to see how Queenslanders will take up these types of initiatives when they become more widely available here. It’s the start of a shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle access.”