Free driving lessons for parents and their learners

RACQ has urged learner drivers and their supervisors to take up a free driving lesson, as the Keys2Drive program celebrated its 750,000th lesson in Australia.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said young drivers were overrepresented in crashes and good instruction was crucial.

“We know parents are the main supervisors for most learner drivers and access to professional training can be too costly for some people,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“However, it may have been quite some time since some parents sat their own driving test and rules may have changed and the opportunity to learn from an expert is invaluable. 

“This program ensures both the learner driver and their supervisor are able to brush up on their skills, get the most up to date information on road rules, as well as strategies to stay safe on the road.”

Ms Ritchie said the free lesson with a professional driving instructor included theory and practical elements and ensured safe driving habits were passed on to the next generation. 

“A survey of parents who took up the Keys2Drive opportunity found two-thirds actually incorporated information and techniques from the lesson into their own driving behaviour,” she said.

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