Protect your vehicle while it’s locked away: RACQ

As many Queenslanders remained isolated at home, RACQ’s urged its members to do what they could to protect the condition of their vehicle while it sat parked up in the garage.

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said with many cars being used less due to restrictions in place to manage the spread of coronavirus, owners needed to make sure they stayed on top of regular vehicle maintenance. 

“With most Queenslanders doing the right thing staying home, there are a lot of cars parked in driveways and garages, potentially being forgotten about until restrictions are lifted,” Ms Ross said. 

“We’ve certainly seen plenty of Queenslanders caught out of late, having to call our Roadside Assistance team for help with a flat battery, or a car that won’t start. 

“So, while we encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe, remember to think about the health of your car and what you can do to reduce the risk of inconvenient, and potentially costly, issues in the future.”

Ms Ross said there were a few things drivers could do to keep their cars in shape during COVID-19. 

“If you have a smart battery charger, connect it now. If not, take your car for a drive once a week for about 30 minutes to allow oil and fluid to circulate,” she said. 

“It’s also important to consider where your car is parked, for security reasons and also for its paintwork. Keeping your car in a garage or carport is best – otherwise, if it’s going to be parked outside for the near future, cover it with a car cover that extends over the tyres too. Try not to leave it uncovered under a tree that could drop leaves, sap and things which could ruin the paint over time. 

“And don’t forget that servicing is based on a combination of distance travelled and time, so even if your car isn’t being used a lot, keep an eye on your servicing scheduled and don’t let it lapse.”

A range of fact sheets on looking after your vehicle can be found on the RACQ website