RACQ supports electric scooter trial

The State’s peak motoring body has announced its support for a trial of electric scooters in Brisbane suburbs, with hundreds of the devices set to be rolled out across the city from Friday.

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RACQ Head of Public Policy Dr Rebecca Michael said the Club had high hopes the scooters would provide greater connectivity to public and active transport hubs and services.

“It’s certainly an interesting addition to our ever-changing transport network and potentially a new way for people to get around the city,” Dr Michael said.

“We hope this will lead to an uptake in public transport as these devices make it easier for commuters to complete the last leg of their journeys to and from work or play.

“We’ll be closely monitoring the results of the trial, but in the meantime, we encourage all users to adhere to the rules in place for their own safety and that of others.

“Wear a helmet, be responsible and be respectful.”

A temporary permit has been granted from the State Government to govern the use of the scooters. The following conditions have been imposed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads:

  • Access to roads is limited to crossing a road only, other than to avoid an obstruction on a footpath in which case use on road is limited to 50m;
  • Use of on-road bicycle lanes is not permitted;
  • Use of footpaths, shared paths, separated paths and bicycle paths is permitted subject to the following conditions:
    • Users must give way to pedestrians and travel to the left most side as practical
    • Not to be used on the pedestrian only side of a separated path
  • Users cannot use devices in areas displaying no Personal Mobility Device signs;
  • Users must be at least 16 years of age, or 12 with adult supervision;
  • A helmet must be worn;
  • Additional passengers, using a mobile phone, and drinking alcohol are not allowed; and
  • Front and rear lights must be used at night.