The road rule quiz stumping Qld drivers

After a quiz about who had right of way at an intersection sparked robust debate on social media, the State’s peak motoring body has sought to clarify the rules.

RACQ posted the above diagram to its Facebook page which showed four cars on a road and asked the audience in which order they thought the cars should go.

The post generated more than 350 responses, with commenters split between the yellow or blue car going first.

One Facebook user said: “Blue, yellow then red. If you’re travelling on a road that ends in a T-intersection, and you are making a turn, you must give way to all traffic that is travelling ‘through’ on the road”.

“Yellow they cross no lines, then blue because red and orange have a give way sign,” another respondent said.

Other commenters were confused by the blue car indicating despite it being shown to travel straight ahead.

“The blue car can’t legally turn right, there’s nowhere for it to go… if it were going straight, why would it be indicating?”

RACQ Manager Motoring Advice Joel Tucker confirmed the correct order was in fact yellow, blue, red, orange.

“We’re glad to have the opportunity to clarify the rules around this particular type of intersection, which obviously causes confusion for so many,” Mr Tucker said.

“The give way sign and line markings at this intersection makes the path the yellow vehicle is on the continuing road, which curves to the right.

“The red and orange vehicles are facing a give way sign and must give way to all other traffic.

“Therefore the yellow vehicle goes first, the blue vehicle goes second, as it’s effectively turning right off the continuing road, and the red and orange vehicles give way and then may proceed.”