Feds urged to fund inland route

RACQ has renewed calls to fast-track Bruce Highway safety capacity and flood immunity projects, as well as Federal Government funding for the Inland Highway, after it was once again cut by recent flood waters.

TC Kimi has FNQ in scope

RACQ has warned residents to prepare as Tropical Cyclone Kimi pummelled towards far north Queensland communities.

NQ wild weather not over yet

With two major weather systems set to collide in north Queensland, RACQ has warned residents to brace for more heavy rain and flooding.

RACQ remains here for you during Brisbane lockdown

RACQ has assured its members critical services would remain available during the Brisbane lockdown period, but urged residents to stay home over the next three days to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Back it up and avoid flooded roads

RACQ has warned motorists not to drive in flood waters, after a man was pulled from the roof of his car after becoming stranded in floodwater south of Ingham.

Keep calm on pre-lockdown roads RACQ

RACQ has called for courtesy and patience as major highways in south east Queensland were gridlocked in the wake of the imminent three-day Greater Brisbane lockdown.

Motorists need to prepare before they go outback: RACQ

With motorists using outback Queensland roads to avoid COVID-19 related border restrictions, RACQ has warned drivers not to make the journey west unless they are well-prepared for what can be difficult driving conditions.

Brace for heavy rainfall in the far north

RACQ has warned motorists in far north Queensland against taking any risks in flood waters, as a low pressure system crossed the coast as a category one cyclone and threatened to dump hundreds of millimetres of rain for days.

Don't drunkenly walk into danger: RACQ

RACQ has pleaded with Queenslanders to avoid walking home drunk this New Year’s Eve after shocking figures revealed 32 pedestrians were killed and 153 were hospitalised with serious injuries during 2020.

Shock at highest road toll in eight years

Queensland lost more people on our roads this year than in any other year since 2012, prompting a desperate plea from RACQ for motorists to stay safe behind the wheel.

Flooded roads in Queensland big wet

With more than 60 roads flooded across the State, RACQ has urged Queenslanders to plan their trips in advance and avoid driving through flood waters at all costs.

Wild weather to send off 2020

UPDATE: RACQ LifeFlight crews have performed a second overnight rescue after a couple were stranded after their car broke down in floodwaters east of Burketown in far north western Queensland.

RACQ Foundation grant grows farm for those in need

Meals on Wheels recipients in the Pine Rivers region are set to receive farm fresh fruit and vegetables in their home delivered meals after a $20,000 donation from RACQ Foundation helped start a mini farm at Samford.

Hours long delays at border expected

RACQ has warned motorists to expect long delays at the New South Wales and Queensland border as the border closure was reinstated by the Queensland Government.

Public transport push amid startling figures

RACQ has renewed calls for the Queensland Government to improve public transport efficiency and review fare structures, after it was revealed the number of journeys on buses and trains was still only at 70 percent compared to pre-COVID levels.

Style boost to lead Queenslanders to success

Queenslanders seeking work were set for a style boost after Brisbane-based non-profit Suited to Success received a $15,000 donation from RACQ Foundation to launch its Virtual Career Hub.

Tidal threat remains for SEQ

As the rain eased across south east Queensland RACQ has warned residents and car owners who lived or parked in low-lying areas the threat was not over, with the biggest tide of the year to strike Tuesday morning.