500 is not just a card game

Sponsored Post: Keeping your liver healthy is more than just what you eat and drink.

Hepatitis Queensland (HQ) has announced the theme for this year’s World Hepatitis Day is focused around liver health with the general public encouraged to Find The Hero Inside You. The campaign will highlight the important role the liver plays in performing over 500 functions and why it’s important to keep it healthy.

To keep your liver in tip-top shape, so it can do all the heavy lifting your body needs, everyone is encouraged to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, use alcohol responsibly and ask their GP for a hepatitis test.

The Find The Hero Inside You campaign draws attention to the issue of prevention (vaccination for hepatitis B) and early detection (testing and cure for hepatitis C) particularly for those living with viral hepatitis and therefore those at most risk of severe liver disease including liver cancer.

Queenslanders from all walks of life can have hepatitis B or C and it is still important to have a conversation with a doctor, however people aren’t coming forward for several reasons including not knowing they are living with the virus, or not being aware of recent advances in treatment.

Hepatitis C treatment is simple, tablets daily for 8-12 weeks with little to no side-effects, and cures around 95% of people. Hepatitis B can be prevented through vaccination. 
For anyone concerned about whether they have been exposed to hepatitis B or C, or if you’ve already been diagnosed, don’t delay, visit your doctor today or call Hepatitis Queensland on 1800 437 222. 

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