Ruffing it

Your guide to camping with canines in Queensland.

Summer safety for your pets

Queenslanders love nothing more than spending summer days outdoors with their furry companions, however hot weather can spell danger for our pets.

Baby steps

How to introduce your newborn baby to your pet.

Be prepared for bushfire season

As devastating fires rage across the state, Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) is reminding pet owners not to forget their furry friends.

Time to rug up

Support Australian-made this winter with these seven pet fashion brands.

Pets can't add but they can multiply

In 2018, more than 1700 kittens and nearly 500 puppies came into care at Animal Welfare League Queensland’s (AWLQ) four centres in south-east Queensland.


Bear was your typical happy-go-lucky dog – until he swallowed his squeaky toy.

Copy cat

If your kitty is a scaredy-cat, it’s probably your fault.

The great escape

The world was waiting outside the front door for Sam the border collie - until he met another dog.

Raw deal

Experts raise concerns over raw meat diets for cats and dogs.