A continued commitment to the classroom

The merge of RACQ and QT Mutual Bank is a natural fit.

When RACQ and QT Mutual Bank started merger discussions, it was evident the two organisations would be a natural fit.

Both are Queensland-based mutual organisations, and both are committed to Queensland education.

RACQ’s award-winning safety and educational programs, including Docudrama and Streets Ahead, are delivered by teachers free of charge to schools throughout Queensland, including some of the smallest and most remote communities in the State.

QT Mutual Bank was created by teachers, for teachers, in 1965. Since then it has helped more than 350,000 Queenslanders create a better future for themselves and their families.

The bank supports the local community through long-standing education programs and Global Community Sponsorships including the ‘Premier’s Reading Challenge’, the ‘Graduate to Greatness’ youth program and the ‘Classroom for Improvement’ initiative which has renovated countless teachers’ staff rooms across Queensland.

Over the coming months, members of both organisations will notice significant changes and be afforded the benefits of new products and a growing Club.

According to QT Mutual Bank CEO Steve Targett, however, one thing that will never change is the continued commitment to education.

“We will continue to support the education community as the sole, Queensland-based teacher’s mutual bank, now with the backing of Queensland’s largest Club,” Mr Targett said.

“RACQ has thrown its full support behind this commitment, donating $1 from every merger vote towards books for the 2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge.

This injection of funds enabled us to give away more than 4700 additional books to the students of Queensland.

 RACQ’s Head of Community and Education David Contarini said work had already begun on expanding the Club’s current education programs to include a focus on financial literacy.

“Being financially literate is so important for students of today,” Mr Contarini said.

“Now that we have the expertise of the bank we are working to incorporate new messaging into our programs.

“It’s a great fit with existing programs like Docudrama, which was designed to keep students well-informed, educated and safe for when they head out into the ‘real world’ after high school.

Soon we will be able to support teachers working to keep students safe on the road and in their financial future.