Add a bit of style to your licence plate

The standard three-letter and three-digit combination licence plates are a thing of the past.

Motorists across Queensland who are bored with the standard number plate configuration can add some flare to the bottom of their personalised plates with captions.

The captions appear as a second line of text under the standard registration and can include text, emojis, symbols, hashtags and more.

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) said the range would give drivers more choice to express themselves and is also a marketing tool for small businesses.

The latest addition to the personalised plate range costs $605 or $109 if you already own a colour and theme plate.

The move to include captions comes after PPQ introduced emoji plates in March 2019.


PPQ General Manager Taylor Clifford said the introduction of the plates would give motorists even more choice.

“With demand for personalised plates on the rise, we knew that we had to give people more ways to differentiate themselves,” Ms Clifford said.

“We can’t wait to see how Queenslanders express themselves and start to see their new plates let their personalities shine through.”

The caption or the emoji on the personalised plates do not form part of the vehicle’s registration number and are purely for decorative purposes.

RACQ Manager Motoring Advice Joel Tucker said RACQ supported PPQ’s decision to provide motorists with additional customisation options.

“It gives people who like personalised plates another option to customise their ride,” Mr Tucker said.

Mr Tucker said he did not believe the emojis or captions on the personalised plates would pose any risk of distracting motorists.

“There are a lot of more distracting things out there,” he said.

“If someone writes something clever, it might make you chuckle for a couple seconds but it won’t take your eyes off the road for a prolonged time.”