Airport travel hacks during school holidays

How to combat the school holiday crowds at the airport.

Schools across Queensland will soon break for the September holidays and many families will have the same idea – holiday time.

If you are planning to take the kids on a domestic or international flight during school holidays, here are some travel hacks to help you conquer the crowds at the airport.

Allow extra time to get to the airport

Many people can experience anxiety in the days leading up to a booked flight. This can cause you to become nervous, overwhelmed and forgetful. Allow extra travel time to the airport so you can check you have all your belongings before you leave, cater for traffic or fix things which may go wrong, such as leaving your wallet or passport at home.

Avoid the busy flights

During school holidays, the airport is bound to be busy. Knowing what the busiest travel times are can help you score a less stressful flight. Friday and Sunday afternoon flights are usually busy due to travellers going away for a long weekend, weekends are usually busy for international flights and the last weekend before school goes back will be extremely busy.

Pre-book your parking online

Take the stress out of finding a car park at the last minute and pre-book it online in advance. Plus, by doing this you could even save some money. Most airports have short or long-term parking available or, if you really want to start your holiday with ease, valet.

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Entertain the kids while waiting for boarding

Take advantage of duty-free shopping, restaurants, bars and waiting areas while you can. Secure a table for you and your family to wait for boarding so that you can keep the kids entertained and relaxed rather than walking around busy thoroughfares.

Get to know lost and found

When kids travel, they tend to get excited and can sometimes forget to carry their belongings. By researching your local airport’s lost and found services you will be able to try and reclaim lost items quickly. 

Make a checklist of all the things you may need during the flight

Organise on-flight entertainment for the kids so that you can relax with a magazine. It also helps to have plenty of snacks to break up the time. Give them something new on the flight, such as a toy, activity book or game, as a fun distraction. If you are travelling with small children or infants, you may need to request a child restraint in advance.

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