App gives builders a look into the future

Now you can see your new home on a block of land before construction has even begun.

In what's believed to be a global first for the property industry, the Realar Places app uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to change the way builders and home buyers can envisage their designs.

The app puts a virtual house or apartment in a real space, where buyers can walk through and experience it in 3D using only a smartphone or tablet.

Users can ‘build’ a virtual house or apartment on a block of land, view the layout, stroll through rooms and even look through virtual windows.

Check out the video for a quick demo of how it works.


Developed in Australia by Dr Dan Swan and Keith Ahern, the app works for both single-storey and double-storey designs, in which a virtual elevator enables the user to experience the upper level.

“Realar Places is a game-changer for the property industry,” Dr Swan said.

“It helps builders, developers, architects and sales teams overcome a major barrier to off-the-plan sales, namely buyer baulking at trying to visualise their dream home on an empty block of dirt.

“Consumers are also looking for more practical ways to use AR with their smartphones and tablets, without the need for clunky goggles and headsets that accompany virtual reality.”

Realar Places is compatible with Apple iOS devices which support ARKit.