Are you protected on the road?

Selecting the right Roadside cover to suit your lifestyle.

A report from the Australian Road Safety Foundation has revealed motorists attitude towards vehicle and road safety is at an all-time low.

The 2018 Tyre Risk Rating Report found fewer Aussies were performing basic safety checks, replacing worn tyres and one in five were only replacing dangerous tyres when completely flat.

Drivers aged between 18-24 were the worst offenders, with 43 percent knowingly driving on unsafe tyres. Motorists aged 65 and over accounted for 15 percent.

Roadside Assistance can help motorists when they need it. RACQ provides different levels of cover to suit the many and varied needs of Queenslanders, including: 

Roadside provides 24-hour assistance, seven days a week for your car, no matter who is driving, and covers up to 50km* of towing. It will get you out of trouble in a breakdown and is there to cover you for those everyday trips – if you go over 20km in metro area then there will be additional costs.

Roadside Extra is designed for Queenslanders who enjoy local day trips and provides them with peace of mind knowing you are entitled to additional towing limits.

Plus Care is perfect for Queenslanders who are keen to explore the Sunshine State, as it comes with increased towing, plus emergency fuel to get you to your nearest fuel station, an emergency locksmith and arrangement of a taxi and travel benefits if you’re 100km or more away from home.

For those who have multiple vehicles, including motorbikes, give yourself extra peace of mind with Ultra Care. It will cover you for breakdowns and towing  in any eligible vehicle you drive and comes with increased totals for all the benefits when travelling with your vehicle. This cover is designed for those that love to get out and explore or planning a driving holiday over the Easter break. 

For drivers who love nothing more than getting out on the open road, RACQ Ultimate covers you personally in any eligible vehicle along with your caravan that you may be travelling with. This is the highest level of Roadside Assistance available with a range of options to limit out of pocket expenses should something happen when you are 100km or more from home. RACQ Ultimate can assist with accommodation expenses a rental vehicle or alternative transport (economy class air, rail or coach) giving you the option to continue your travels.

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* Conditions, limitations, eligibility criteria and exclusions apply. Visit for more details