Are you ready to get your P-plates?

Tips from a new P-plater on how to ace your test.

It took 21-year-old, Brianna Stone, four attempts to get her provisional licence but she picked up some valuable advice along the way.

Brianna said that she never would have passed without the help of a driving instructor who helped her gain the skills to become a safer and more confident driver.

“My instructor told me that the reason I wasn’t passing was because I wasn’t confident which made my driving unsafe,” Brianna said.

“It made me feel like a better driver with the instructor as well as if I made a mistake when driving with my parents they would say ‘you would have failed just then’ whereas the instructor would say ‘ok, next time do this’.”

Brianna’s driving instructor also helped her to overcome the bad habits she picked up from her parents.

“I think you need lessons – the first three times I failed because I’d never had lessons,” Brianna said.

“I only got four lessons before the last time I failed but then I passed straight away on the fifth try after getting weekly lessons because what your parents teach you might be wrong.”

From Brianna’s experience, she recommends keeping an eye on what speed zone you’re driving in.

“Be super aware of speed signs because every time that I went to do my test, there’d be someone before me and they’d always fail because they sped in a 40 zone or school zone,” Brianna said.

Despite now having her licence, Brianna she said she isn’t planning to cut corners while driving and is excited about the freedom it gives her.

“When you have your licence, just remember that it could go like that so stick to the road rules,” she said.

“Now that I’m a P-plater, people treat me differently and having your licence is just the best feeling – there’s so much freedom and I can drive to work now.”

Learner drivers and their supervisors can get a free Government funded driving lesson with an accredited instructor through Keys2drive.