Audi unveils new nav and infotainment tech

Fit-out starts with new Audi A6.

Audi have released the new A6 luxury sedan (pictured) and at a special media event in Sydney where the new car was on static display, they revealed the sophisticated new

Audi Connect Plus navigation and infotainment system. Standard fit on the new A6, this new system will be rolled out on other future models too.

Audi infotainment screen

Managing Director Audi Australia Paul Sansom indicated there’s an “avalanche of new products” arriving through the remainder of 2019 and next year. Among the new and updated models expect to see A1, Q3, Q3 Sportback, A4, Q7, the Audi eTron, along with five new RS models.

Pricing for the new A6 sedan will kick off at $95,500 for the 180kW 2.0-litre turbo 45 TFSI Quattro model, followed at $105,200 by the 45 TFSI Quattro S Line with the same powertrain. Both will arrive before year’s end to join the 250kW, 3.0-litre turbo V6 55 TFSI Quattro S Line ($116,000) that’s already made its debut. All models incorporate a mild-hybrid electric drive system too, 12-volt in models other than the V6 which uses a 48-volt system.

For the first time A6 will offer four-wheel steering to improve low-speed manoeuvrability and enhance high-speed dynamic response. It’s a $4200 option.

Audi describe the new infotainment system as “the most progressive in the market”. The system works via an embedded SIM card that in Australia is connected to the Telstra mobile network for data services. Costs are included in the vehicle price for the first three years of ownership for infotainment functions and for 10 years for the system’s security and safety features.

The latter includes emergency SOS calling that can be manually activated or automatically trigger if an incident causes airbag or seatbelt pretensioners deployment. Vehicle details and precise location is communicated to responders. Where roadside assistance is required in non-critical situations, the system can contact Audi Incident Assist directly.  

Anti-theft alarm with GPS location tracking, geo-fence, speed alert notifications can be accessed via the myAudi Smartphone app. It also allows vehicle status reporting, remote lock/unlock from anywhere around the country, and vehicle finder with remote signalling.

The on-line connection can assist the driver with information including fuel pricing (pictured), parking locations including the number of available spaces, weather and alerts, real-time traffic alerts, plus vehicle service notifications and bookings.

There’s also navigation with Google Earth mapping, Google POI search, and destination entry via Google maps or myAudi smartphone app. The system is also a Wi-Fi hotspot and includes worldwide hybrid internet-based radio with genre search.