BYO reusable containers

Would you bring your own container to the grocery store to reduce waste?

It’s common practice to take a reusable cup to your local coffee shop, but many environmentally-conscious Queenslanders are taking the war on single-use containers to their weekly grocery shop.

Here’s what you need to consider before taking your own container to your local butcher, deli or grocer.

Food safety concerns

Shops that don’t allow BYO containers often cite legislation and food safety concerns, including contamination, for refusing reusable containers.

Legislation doesn’t prevent customers from using their own containers when purchasing food, however businesses can introduce their own policy against BYO containers.

“The Queensland Food Act 2006 does not cover any regulations about customers bringing their own containers when purchasing food,” a Queensland Health spokesperson said.

“Food safety legislation is in place to ensure that food for sale is safe and suitable to eat.”

If you bring your own containers, make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned before each use and have a sturdy lid to prevent spills.

Build relationships with retailers

Talk to your local butcher, grocer or takeaway joint to find out if they allow reusable containers.

Explain why you’d like to use your own containers and ask how you can work with them to reduce single-use plastics. 

If a business doesn’t allow BYO, encourage them to look in to sustainable packaging. 

Trashless Takeaway

Sites like Trashless Takeaway list cafes and restaurants across Australia that allow customers to use their own reusable containers. 

Users can search by suburb or postcode, cuisine or type of store such as butchers, delis or bulk wholefood retailers. 

The information is crowdsourced from like-minded shoppers who list BYO-friendly businesses in their local area.

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