Beats at your fingertips

Turn the world around you into your personal music track.

Ever tapped a drum beat on a table or dabbled in some air guitar, only to be disappointed no one could hear your masterpiece?

Sphero Specdrums are app-enabled musical rings which turn the world around you into an instrument by converting colours into sounds.

Download the Specdrums MIX app to your smartphone and tap on anything – your clothes, desk, art or use the included playing pad to create and mix sounds, beats and loops through your phone.

Launched in January, Specdrums enable music to be made anywhere by everyone from kids to music producers.

Specdrums creator Steven Dourmashkin said the idea for Specdrums came from his lifelong passion for drumming.

“My initial goal was to make a really portable way to play the drums,” he said.

“I noticed that drumming wasn’t easily accessible and there’s a lot of cost and equipment.

“I did a lot of research and development and came up with these rings that sense colour and each colour you can program to a different drum.


“That was the start of it and then it turned from drumming into any musical instrument and beyond music, because you can program any sound to any colour.”


Mr Dourmashkin said people are only limited by their creativity, with endless opportunities for customisation.

“You can record any sound you want, including words and other instruments and bring it into the app,” he said.

“No matter what you play, it sounds good as you have agency over the sound.

“Musicians have really expanded what is possible with Specdrums and have done lots of customisation.”

Mr Dourmashkin said  Specdrums had received plenty of interest from educators around the world.

“We have seen a lot of teachers use Specdrums for special needs children, as its really low mobility and you only need to tap your finger to make music,” he said.

“One student, who was colour blind, started using the ring to hear colour and would go tapping on lockers and other things around the school to know what colour it is.”

Specdrums are available at JB Hi-Fi, Apple and National Geographic stories with prices starting at $109.