Biking the Bruxner

1100km, three days and four mates on motorcycles.

A year ago, I took a week out for a road trip to Emerald and Moranbah. Just me and my trusty Suzuki motorcycle. I now know a year between road trips is too long.

I’ve just returned from an equally satisfying but different road trip. This time an 1100km, three-day trip with three other riders heading to Goondiwindi, Tenterfield and Casino via the Bruxner Highway.

I’m sure we could have travelled further, covered more distance between stops or added additional days away but, on reflection, the route taken and time away were just about right. A good road trip is about enjoying the journey, taking in the scenery and capturing the experiences. 


My fellow riders, Jim, Brian and Mark, are experienced motorcyclists who have each ridden countless short and longer distance rides. What we shared was taking the time to regularly stop for coffees, photos, snacks or the odd bike swap. We looked forward to a beer with our evening meal at the end of a day’s riding where we reflected on some of the things we’d seen or done that day. 

Local knowledge can We also got to learn something about the surrounding roads whenever we went. We were told to watch out for kangaroos from Stanthorpe to Texas which turned out to be good advice with many live and dead roos to navigate around even when it wasn’t dusk. Cattle on the road along the Bruxner Highway meant keeping speeds down as a motorcycle is no match for a confused or startled cow – and fresh cow dung does nothing for good tyre grip.

We had a mix of weather from heavy rain to a bright clear blue sky. Ordinarily, getting wet on a motorcycle is no fun but if I had to choose between siting on the sofa and getting out on a road trip, I’d pick the rain every time. 


But when it’s clear, and it was between Goondiwindi and Tenterfield, the deep blue sky and lightly scattered cloud looked awesome against the surrounding landscape. For me, its about taking the time to stop, remove the helmet and just take in the scenery. Taking a few photos is a must - how else are you going to relay to others how good the trip was?

When was the last time you took a few days away for a road trip? There’s plenty of regional towns to head to after taking in Australia’s unique landscape and nothing beats a good pub meal and a local beer to finish the day.

We often hear about embracing the journey and not the destination - I think a good road trip can be about both.