Boost your health

Sponsored content: How to start your journey to good health and living well.

If COVID-19 cabin fever has you thinking about improving your health, you’re not alone. As we adapt to how the world around us has changed, many Queenslanders have taken stock, and living a healthier life is now high on their list of priorities. 

But where do you start when making changes to what you eat, how you move, and what you feel, has you stuck? 

Why not start by joining television identity Jillian Whiting for the My health for life Wellbeing Series, as she talks to everyday Queenslanders, health professionals and some of our most-loved local identities about what it means to live well. 

The eight-episode online series was developed by My health for life, a free, healthy lifestyle program, in partnership with Health and Wellbeing Queensland as part of its Boost Your Healthy initiative. The series features a variety of health topics, ranging from mindset to sleeping well. 

My health for life program director Louise Natusch said she was touched how Queenslanders got behind the series, sharing their experiences of living well and what good health has come to mean to them during COVID-19.  

“The Wellbeing Series was a positive celebration of community, connection, and healthy living, reminding us why we’re proud to be Queenslanders in these challenging times,’’ Ms Natusch said. 

“It showed us that times of struggle can bring huge opportunities for personal growth." 

Click here to view The Wellbeing Series online.
If you think you would benefit from free, health coaching from an experienced health professional, visit or call 13 74 75 to find out if the program is right for you.